Leadership Development


“PCG did a GREAT job presenting leadership topics and qualities. The computer simulations made the whole experience fun.”


Sales Support Representative,
Consumer Products Company



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PCG partners with its clients to understand their culture and required leadership needs.  By working with Human Resource Executives and Management we are able to offer a program that enables participants to become Executives prepared to move the company forward. Our model consists of three components: Action Learning, Project Work, and Coaching to provide a holistic approach to leadership development.

Action Learning involves the participant using real work examples to learn new concepts and study how their own actions can influence outcomes. The workshop topics relate to critical differentiating skills and relevant business information that will help the participants complete the Project Work.

Project Work involves the participant working as a member of a team that has been challenged to address a critical business initiative from the desk of Senior Executives.
Coaching involves the participant attending regular team coaching meetings as well as individual sessions to address an agreed upon action plan.