Case Studies


“PCG did a fantastic job facilitating the class. The instructor took what is traditionally a very dry subject and made it interesting.“

Manager, Business Process Reengineering
Citibank N.A. Cards



Building Financial Acumen

Client: A major global research firm who provides information services that increases their client’s ability to make better market decisions.


Need: Customized workshops focused on improving the financial capabilities of the firm in order to better manage costs and profitability.


Designed a customized curriculum that was deployed globally in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas.

  • Partnered with management to understand current challenges and desired results.
  • Incorporated cultural nuances that could impact participants understanding the language of finance.
  • Designed a financial curriculum that incorporated the following topics:
    • An understanding of the firm’s financial position
    • An understanding of the firm’s budgeting process and how to manage the budgets
    • An understanding of how best to present ROI data to senior executives.